Stefan Litwin – Pianist, Composer

There are not many musicians who are able to combine the creativity and sensitivity of a real artist (composer/performer) with the philological rigor and interpretive skills of a major scholar in the humanities.
Stefan Litwin’s playing is utterly brilliant. He is both a genuine virtuoso and a poet at the piano with deep insights into the crucial relationship between emotion and structure, extreme subjectivity and extreme sense of order.

Litwin’s compositions – and especially those for piano – display an originality of thinking in music that is remarkable. A work like the piano piece »Lyon 1943 (Pičce de résistance)« is in its expressive intensity a disturbing monument, an example of a political instrumental music in the succession of Stefan Wolpe.

Reinhold Brinkmann

New Releases

»..., die Hölle aber nicht.«
Music to Imre Kertész
A word-music montage on key aspects from literature by Imre Kertész, with excerpts from the »Galley Boat-Log«  read by Hanns Zischler (English translation included in the booklet) and works by Stefan Litwin, Anton Webern, Gideon Klein and Bernd Alois Zimmermann interpreted by Stefan Litwin and the Ensemble Resonanz.
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»El Once«
Chile, 11 . September 1973
Reflections on the 40th anniversary of the military coup against Salvador Allende
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Stefan Litwin Programs V
»Sonata y destrucciónes«
Works by Shostakovich, Litwin, Eisler, Janácek
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